Hmmmm, der er ikke rigtig sket det store i et stykke tid. Firingsquad har testet 1 Ghz, hvor P3 Coppermine var hurtigst til Q3A og Athlon Thunderbird hurtigst til alt andet. Duron giver Celeron2 smæk i alt ved samme hastighed i Mhz. GeForce 2 MX er meget fin, ifht. prisen, i 16 bit farver, hvis du kan overclocke til 200/200 (jvf. Anandtech). I 32 bit kan SDR på MX'en ikke hamle op med DDR på alm. GeForce. Mht. software har DEUS EX fra Ion Storm netop fået sønderlemmende kritik her:

Her er en smagsprøve:

Whether you like Deus Ex has a lot to do with where your priorities are. Do you just want to play a secret agent no matter how flat his personality? Do you get tickled hearing about loopy conspiracies as if they were even remotely plausible? Are you happy shooting enemies dumber than Doom demons by the dozen? Do you enjoy twiddling RPG-ish attributes with a vague sense that it doesn't really matter? Are you blissfully oblivious to clichés, convoluted meandering stories, diffuse settings, and erratic pacing? Do you thrill at the prospect of playing an action hero who also has to be a stingy quartermaster? Is your neck strong enough to handle any potential whiplash from the stuttering framerates caused by level designers with no sense for how many polygons their engine can reasonably handle? Are you willing to go beyond the mere suspension of disbelief? Are you wiling to hang it from the neck until dead? var mere generøse og vurderede DEUS EX til 8,2 på en skala til 10 (og 10 er bedst :-).

Men sådan er det jo med spil, smag og behag er forskelligt...

MDK2 er desuden netop blevet rost til skyerne hos, som vurderede dette spil til 9,5 på en skala til 10:

Bioware have done an almost unbelievably great job on MDK2. It is at once fun, gorgeous, funny, creative, constantly varied and polished to perfection. While it only has 10 levels, they're all massive and challenging, with a boss at the end of each one requiring the unique talents of the current character to solve. After reviving the D&D computer game experience with Baldur's Gate, Bioware have impressed us once more with MDK 2 and raised our already high opinion of them as a game developer. It's almost impossible to go wrong with MDK 2. If you like puzzles it's got them, if you want action it's got tons of it and if sneaking and sniping is your thing, it happens to have that too, all pressed onto a single CD with a copious amount of visual splendour thrown in for good measure. So far, MDK 2 is undoubtedly the best game released this year and it'll take something ultra spicy indeed to knock it off the top spot.

- Rune

PS. Du kan downloade demo (140MB) af Deus Ex på, hvis du ikke tror på Gamesdomain :-)
PPS. I mangel på bedre har jeg tilladt mig at skrive lidt om aktuelle spil, desuden er spil jo det vigtigste - uden dem, ingen grund til hardware :-)