FØRSTE NV20-INFO (GeForce 3 - udkommer oktober 2000)!

Hmmm, nnedenstående ser meget realistisk ud og kan meget vel passe. Ved at fjerne overdraw kan nvidia spare kostbar båndbredde, hvorfor 200 Mhz DDR måske kan gå. Problemet er helt klart stadig ram, og se I kan se nedenstående, ser det umiddelbart ud til, at både NV20 og NV25 kommer med 200Mhz DDR (not-good, not-good).

Wow! I would never have considered buying an Nvidia product until I saw the specs for the NV20. They were just e-mailed to from IXBT. A friend of mine that has contacts into Nvidia got these specs from the same person they got the original Geforce 2 specs.
I hope Rampage can beat this! Here's what he told me to expect. it has beenin development for 26 months.
-Oct/Nov availabl
-200Mhz DDR
-1.6 gigapixels per second fillrate (=2x GF2!)
-50 million Transistors
-800 billion operations per second. Many operations (thousands) at once is how this number is achieved.
-8 pipelines  (=2x GF2!)
-4 texturing units per pipeline  (=2x GF2!)
-Single pass Hardware FSAA (modified A buffer technique.). 8x and 16x FSAA in a single pass with a max of 40% fillrate hit for 16X.
-Hidden surface removal (like powerVR and gigapixel). No overdraw!!
-60 million polygons persecond (sustained with all features applied.).  (=2-3x GF2!)
-150 million micropolys/particles persecond (sustained). Option to use textures or per-pixel vertex colors to save texture bandwidth.
-Programable vertex shaders T&L
-Programable per pixel shaders.
-Hardware DX tesselation/decimation unit. Used for DX8 controlled level of detail.
-Hardware higher order surfaces. Nurbs, H & B Splines, Tensor patches, Subdivision surfaces.
-Complete support for every single DX8.0 feature in Hardware.
-Full support for every single OpenGl feature.
I couldn't believe it when i read it, but IXBT plans on releasing another leaked report very soon (probbly in the next month or two). It looks like NV20 will be a very big winner! I hope Rampage can compete with that.

NV25 (Geforce 4 - udkommer maj 2001):

fra http://www.3dalpha.com/?filename=articles/nv25.txt

Design Process: .13um
Clock Speed: 300MHz
Memory Speed: 200MHz (400MHz DDR)
Fill rate: 4.8 Gigatexels  (=3x GF2!)
TC&L polygon rate: 90-100 million  (=4x GF2!)
Rendering pipelines: 6  (=0,75 x  GF3.....hmmmmmmm.....)
Eye Candy: FSAA, S3TC
Yeah, I found it hard to believe as well. However, this is from a somewhat reliable source. The NV25 is expected to be released around May 2001, if NVIDIA is able to follow the 6-month release schedule. Iím sure some additional Eye Candy features will be added, but FSAA and S3TC were the only ones I could confirm. Also, the clock speed seemed rather high at first glance, but then I realized they would be producing these things at .13um instead of .18um as they have been with the NV15 (clocked at 200MHz). So 300MHz is probably not beyond the realm of possibility. If they can deliver on this, Iíll be damn impressed!

Hmmmmmmm, glem alt om spillet Experience:

Now the bad news: Experience is going to be the second title we work on, and production will not resume on Experience until late 2001. It is currently slated for a late 2002/early 2003 release.
Halo udkommer tidligst februar 2001.
Max Payne ditto.

Der er alså ikke meget grund til at opgradere helt vildt før 2001..... og dog, måske der kommer et par overraskelser inden jul...

- Rune